Cities and villages, nature reserves and hidden treasures, archaeological sites, lakes, and beaches: Lazio is where Rome is, but there is so much more to it. The region is vast and rich in treasures: on its territory, there are mountains and sea, rivers, lakes, and volcanoes.

Another exciting aspect is the many archaeological sites, such as the Etruscan finds and the tombs of Tuscia in the Viterbo region, Ostia Antica, the Temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, and the cemetery of Cerveteri.

The region is full of archaeological sites and locations of high cultural interest: Rome and the Vatican, the Villa Adriana sites in Tivoli, where the emperor of the same name lived, and the Villa D'Este, a masterpiece of the Renaissance. The Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri and in Tarquinia in the Viterbo Area, in the Monte Cimino area and in the Bracciano-Martignano Regional Natural Park, a nature reserve between Lake Bracciano and Lake Martignano.