"Experiential tours" always add something that makes them authentic and unique. An engaging and unforgettable way to visit places.

We like to surprise the visitor by offering an itinerary outside the conventional places and making him "taste" the local lifestyle and traditions. We offer meetings with artists, the best cooking classes, food and wine tastings and cultural tours.


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Whether it is an incentive trip or a simple excursion in the city, ITALIATOURISMUS enriches it with unique and authentic details. A meeting with an artisan, an architect or a food and wine expert.  The use of a bicycle or a sailing boat to enter the territory.  The visit of a ceramic or lutherie workshop. All this can make the tour a much more pleasant and unforgettable moment.

Our country offers an infinite variety of experiences to combine with your visits. ITALIATOURISMUS tests and selects them for you, with the intention of providing unique activities within everyone's reach.

Take a look at our exclusive experiences to feel the unique and authentic flavor of Italy. We have created a database full of engaging activities that are great fun. The duration may vary depending on the customer's needs and available time.

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The ITALIATOURISMUS affiliate network has real enthusiasts with in-depth knowledge of unique and beautiful places for people with interests, preferences, passions.

Thanks to our network, we can put the talent of our affiliates at the service of our guests. They know how to create experiential tours with qualified guides, museums, galleries, foundations, ateliers of artisans and artists, cultural and commercial associations, historical places, stores, farms and food and wine, architecture, fashion, design studios.

Live the best Italian experience ever with ITALIATOURISMUS!